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Hello, Friend! You're seeing this page because someone who cares a lot about you and your success wants you to join the MOST POWERFUL and MOST AFFORDABLE social media advertising training in the world.
You've arrived at this page for a reason. Take a few minutes to see how the GENEIUS Ad-vantage can impact your business by watching the video below:
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Hey... I have three questions for you:
1. Want to copy & customize our favorite and best performing ads every single month?
2. Want me to share my screen and build an ad with you every month for your business?
3. When your ads stop working (which they all do), want me to broadcast live and help you fix it?
Every single week, Billy Gene and the team will help you create a winning ad that gets you more customers. To do that, we'll focus on 3 things:
  • ​Build a new Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads.
  •  Fix ads that aren't working (or improve "good" ads that can do better).
  • ​Provide easy-to-copy templates to do this fast.
Why would you want to become a member of The GENEIUS Ad-vantage?
Because you want to be able to attract Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y customers, on demand, and you're tired of wasting time and money on strategies that don't work.
Here's how The GENEIUS Ad-vantage helps...
1. Build Ads That Get Customers 
Building an ad is 50% science and 50% art. I'm going to give you access to my proven ad builder that will get your ad up and running with confidence... and turn people who click your ads into money in your pocket.
In addition, every single month, Billy Gene & the team will host a "build an ad in a day" challenge, where we will broadcast LIVE in GENEIUS Studios and build an ad with you from start to finish.
2. Fix Ads That Stop Working, Are Broken, Or Are Not Scaling
Definition of "fixing an ad": Turning ads that lose you money into ads that make you money.
Every single week, I will broadcast live and call members to help fix their ads. 
Kinda like in this video below but in MUCH more detail...
You'll get access to a searchable database filled with all the ads Billy Gene reviewed & fixed in the past 3 years... Plus new ones will be added every single week.
1. Type in any word or group of words (Ex: Dentist)
2. Click on one of the relevant videos that appear
3. Watch me review and make recommendations to fix the ad (AKA improve the results)
4. Apply the recommendations to your own ad
3. Go Fast With Our Resources To Accelerate The Process  
Speed kills and we know you don't have time to create ads from scratch... so copy ours!
Proven & Tested Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube Advertisements
Detailed Targeting Recommendations To Make Sure The Right People See Your Ads
Drag & Drop Webpage Templates That Convert & Generate Sales
4. Brilliant Guest Speakers Are Invited Once A Month
Every month, we invite some of the most successful entrepreneurs, musicians, and athletes in the world to talk about their best and newest advertising strategies. Some previous studio guests have included...
Do you see why you’re getting a GENEIUS Ad-vantage?
Because you’re getting a huge edge over your competition.
Do you ever read the dictionary? We don’t either, but you may find this helpful…
Noun: Synonym for world-class (only found in the Book of Geneius)
Noun: a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position
So, what’s a fair price for the GENEIUS Ad-vantage over your competition?
let's look at TYPICAL COSTS...
A business degree costs $30-200k and we know what we teach is 1000x more valuable than that.
So, what’s a fair price for a year of world-class access, support, resources, downloads, and community?
(which would still make it cheaper than the most inexpensive college)
BUT! We're in the business of creating affordable education that will impact the world. So, we're offering monthly OR annual access with these BONUSES for $1,997:
Our Database Of Search-And-Deploy Templates
Afraid of tech? We totally understand... Which is why we've made it stupid easy for you to create a good ad. All you do is simply log in, search for your industry, download our editable templates, change some words & use it for your own! Yes, it's that easy!
Live VIP Geneius Studios Seat
Enroll as an annual member and you will also get hooked up with a Live VIP Experience seat at our GENEIUS Studios in Little Italy, San Diego! You will be able to attend a live Geneius AD-vantage AND School of Geneius training in-person.
(Please note blackout dates apply, there is no reselling, and this offer is valid for one year.)
The GENEIUS Workbook
Every question that needs to be asked before building a campaign, every template and checklist we use to create profitable ads, and every ninja targeting technique we use to find our audience is inside of this workbook.
What To Say When They Say "NO" Objection Cards
I specifically made this for any entrepreneur that has ever heard the word "No" when asking for the sale. Whether they say "I don't have the time" or "I need to talk to my partner", these cards will give you the perfect response to handle their objection!
no need to take our word for it, see what our students are saying:
"I've been in the marketing and sales field already for the last 13 years...  What I have learned in the last 4 months are far more impactful  than anything that I've ever learned in college or the professional work force. It has been the best decision I've made. 
"It was one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. If you're one of those people that's thinking should I make the investment? I would tell you H to the E-L-L YES! 
"I learned more in 1 day than I have learned  in the last 10 years doing sales and marketing. This is stuff that you're not going to learn in school.  I literally 12x my investment in one deal... If you implement everything you learn it will change your life." 
"I kept watching the videos and I'm like hmm, is this a scam?... I kept watching and I kept really liking what I was seeing... I signed up for the Gene Pool and knew right away this is not a scam. Not only is Billy the real deal, but his entire team is the real deal. These guys are amazing!  
 P.S. This page has a deadline funnel on it. Meaning when the timer hits 0, you will not be able to return to this page.  
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